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LRP Group Training

Group training is the best of both worlds: train virtually for the best race of your life with a customized program, support from two coaches, lifting...and, most importantly, the support from your teammates.


You receive a custom running program (updated + tailored to YOU in the VDOT02 app, 2x/week lifting program, unlimited email communication with your coaches, group support, bi-weekly coach video chats, and more.

"Being a part of the LRP community has reshaped my training approach in so many different ways. Mary & Rochelle are the most caring and supportive coaches who will challenge you to grow and become a better runner - all while creating a journey that is both uplifting and enjoyable." -Colleen

What our athletes are saying...

"My Marathon goal for this year was to get back under 4:30 and I walked away with my first Sub-4 Marathon and a new PR. Mary and Rochelle are game changers. Getting my training updates every week was like Christmas. They keep training fun, challenging, and I was able to see my progress along the way. I cannot wait to continue working with LRP to figure out my new goal is!" -Kaitlyn

"If you are looking for a way to up your race performance in any capacity, this is a phenominal program. I have never been a part of such an uplifting, motivational, and empowering group of women to help make a goal happen. From the strength training to the weekly live calls, every aspect of this program was everything I hoped it would be, and more. Make the investment in yourself and your running- you will NOT regret it!!" -Lisa

"This program got me back into the marathon, with a 5 minute PR, after a six year hiatus (and two babies!). With its gradual build-up, hard but great mid-week workouts, quality work during long runs, this program is GREAT. I loved the accountability and community built through the group program. I will certainly be joining again in 2020 as I am BOSTON BOUND!!" -Mary Craig

"Joining this group was hands down the best decision I could have made! Mary and Rochelle are amazing mentors and wonderful people to work with! They are incredibly responsive and knowledgeable, and are more than willing to make adjustments if and when “life happens”. Having the support of both coaches as well as an entire group of awesome women has been nothing short of amazing! I really feel like I’ve made significant improvements as a runner over the course of the past 16 weeks, and for the first time I’m EAGER to keep building on foundation that this program has given me!" -Stacia

"As coaches and people, Rochelle and Mary are knowledgeable, trustworthy, personable, attentive, and just plain fun! I also love that that in addition to that, they’re inspiring athletes in their own right. Their careful programming helped me make serious and and sustainable gains in my speed, endurance, and strength, and I’ve learned so much that I’ll apply to my future running. This was my first experience with coaching, and I’m so happy to be going into my first Boston marathon with their support and training behind me. Also, the format for group coaching with Lift.Run.Perform gave me a place to learn from other runners, a sounding board for advice, and a wonderful and fun community of female athletes. You guys, this is what it’s all about!" -Britta

"I've already recommended the program and coaches to a friend of mine. :) Despite some rough weeks at the end of training (not at all related to the program), I still ended up with a 7+ minute Marathon PR! I think that speaks to the quality of the program. I know it wouldn't have turned out so well if I was trying to go at it alone." -Val

"I am so glad that I decided to take a chance and join the Boston Marathon group. It has provided me everything I need not only to prepare for the upcoming race but also to boost my confidence and push myself to limits I wouldn’t have pushed to on my own. Mary and Rochelle are both extremely passionate, knowledgeable. They clearly enjoy sharing and spreading their wisdom onto others. The workouts made me feel prepared and confident in myself going into race day.

The support of the group and being able to hear about others triumphs and struggles has also been helpful.  You feel as though you’re not in this experience alone. It’s motivating to have other people to support you. I would highly recommend Mary and Rochelle to anyone. I have never felt so confident and strong leading up to a marathon." -Eileen

"Previously, I had run 4 marathons and every tine hit the wall and missed my goal. Under this program, I had a 15 minute PR and qualified for Boston! I never hit the wall, had negative splits, and at mile 24, instead of dying, I actually told myself to take it all in and savor what was left of the race!" -Liz

"Mary, Rochelle, and the LRP group have reminded me that we all have the same fears, that we all have amazing strengths and that I’m not alone on those days I’m struggling.  They’ve cheered me on and they believe in me.

So far, the last 12 weeks have helped me shave about 16 minutes off my half marathon time to bring me back to my PRs from 2 years ago.  This training has helped me stay injury-free in the process. I have faith that continuing training with these ladies over the next 12 weeks will get me even closer to my goal.

I would recommend this training program to anyone that is looking for a solid program that will help them achieve their goals, no matter how lofty, and to remain injury free during their training." -Becky

"Mary and Rochelle are both inspiring and willing to share their knowledge. I enjoyed that workouts were given based on my fitness level and adjusted accordingly as the training weeks progressed. The Facebook group was a fun platform to interact with others about training and M&R live video chats were great to have questions answered. I would do a group program again. It’s the best of both worlds having custom workouts and access to two quality coaches." -Maureen

"I was coming off an injury and not feeling awesome about running, but Mary and Rochelle changed that. LRP Group Training is AWESOME and I was so happy with the way that the coaches managed to always cover group questions and concerns, but knew every individual so well and customized our training plans to reflect that. Their focus on your individual potential is really key, and the group support is so nice to have when you're in the grind of marathon training. It's so obvious Mary and Rochelle are passionate about what they do and I would 100% recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their running." -Kathryn

"I had never purchased or hired any type of running coach before. So, when I came across the group training I thought this would be a perfect start. I have never met Mary or Rochelle in person but I could tell they would both be a good fit for me. I can't say enough good things about the program. I was the most prepared for this marathon than any other race I have ran before and not just in the training I put in but so much more!" -Lindsey