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Group Coaching Testimonials

Group Coaching is the best of all worlds. You get not one coach, but two. Your own training plan based on your level and ability. Email access to coaching help...and more. Hear what some of our Boston Group Program athletes had to say! 



I could go on and on but I’ll keep it short. I decided to join this group coming off a lackluster year where I saw no improvement and just felt burned out. I took a few weeks off of running and training in November and started running a bit in December to gear up for Boston. The workouts (both running and lifting) and variety were amazing for me both mentally and physically and kept me from burnout. I wasn’t sure how the training was going because in most of the workouts I still felt controlled and not all out effort.  Then I ran a 5k and crushed my PR and my confidence started to grow. From the weekly coaching calls to keeping up with everyone’s training through Facebook posts to running both a 5K and HM PR, joining this group was an amazing decision. The support from coaches and athletes alike has been phenomenal. I look forward to working with this team again and encourage anyone who is unsure about group training to consider this. -Jess


I am so glad that I decided to take a chance and join the Lift.Run.Perform training group for the Boston Marathon. This group has provided me everything I need not only to prepare for the upcoming race but also to boost my confidence and push myself to limits I wouldn’t have pushed to on my own. Mary and Rochelle are both extremely passionate, knowledgeable. They both clearly enjoy sharing and spreading their wisdom onto others. The workouts made me feel prepared and confident in myself going into race day.

The support of the group and being able to hear about others triumphs and struggles has also been helpful.  You feel as though you’re not in this experience alone. It’s motivating to have other people to support you. I would highly recommend Mary and Rochelle to anyone who may want a little guidance with their training, to learn more about strength training for runners, nutrition for racing, and prehab/rehab routines. I have never felt so confident and strong leading up to a marathon. -Eileen


As coaches and people, Rochelle and Mary are knowledgeable, trustworthy, personable, attentive, and just plain fun! I also love that that in addition to that, they’re inspiring athletes in their own right. Their careful programming helped me make serious and and sustainable gains in my speed, endurance, and strength, and I’ve learned so much that I’ll apply to my future running. This was my first experience with coaching, and I’m so happy to be going into my first Boston marathon with their support and training behind me. Also, the format for group coaching with Lift.Run.Perform gave me a place to learn from other runners, a sounding board for advice, and a wonderful and fun community of female athletes. You guys, this is what it’s all about! -Britta


I joined the Lift Run Perform Boston Training Group after taking some time off from racing and struggling with overtraining and an injury last summer. I was pretty discouraged about running but had qualified for Boston and was excited to run it. Mary and Rochelle's training program has been phenomenal to help me feel strong, confident and smarter as a runner. The combination of strength training combined with awesome, individualized running coaching. Additionally, having a group of other amazing runners shooting for the same goal has been incredibly inspiring on those days when it was hard to get out the door. I so appreciated having the wisdom, expertise, and encouragement of Mary and Rochelle combined with a community of other people has made this training cycle fun and has helped get me excited about running again. THANK YOU for making the LRP Boston Training Group happen! Excited to put it to the test in Boston!  -Jess


From the very beginning, I have found Rochelle and Mary to be professional, real, inspiring and fun!  Their programs have not made me feel that training is a chore, in fact the workouts have been so varied that I'm excited to see what each day brings. Rochelle and Mary have a special knack for building people up, giving them belief that they can be more than they thought capable, and providing challenging yet achievable workouts that allow one to grow as a runner. I also hoped that being from a different country and time zone would bring no barriers, which I'm pleased to say proved true. I must say I've surprised myself along the way in terms of how much I am capable of. The lifting part of the training has also been an immense eye opener for me. High fives!  Thanks Rochelle and Mary for your wonderful program.  I have made friends in the group, I have trained hard and overcome obstacles, I have laughed myself silly on the phone hook ups, and in general I've had an immensely enjoyable experience. -Vikki


This was my first time working with Mary and Rochelle.  They're both amazing.  They know what they're doing when it comes to putting together an effective training plan.  I looked forward to them updating my calendar every few weeks because the runs were fun and challenging! I  enjoyed the camaraderie of the group.  We all cheered and supported each other throughout our training.  I also enjoyed the weekly Facebook Live Videos. They talked about various topics that were important to all of us (gels, shoes, nutrition, etc) and they answered every question that the group asked. If you are planning to train for a marathon in the fall, I highly recommend  signing up with them!! -Zenaida


I approached Lift.Run.Perform after enduring a surgery that set me back. My goal is to work toward my first attempt at a “BQ" in the near future. Mary, Rochelle, and the LRP group have helped me regain my endurance, get back to my previous PRs, and feel confident that I’m gaining momentum in my quest for a Boston qualifying time while I watch most of our group gear up for this year’s big race.  They’ve reminded me that we all have the same fears, that we all have amazing strengths and that I’m not alone on those days I’m struggling.  They’ve cheered me on and they believe in me.

So far, the last 12 weeks have helped me shave about 16 minutes off my half marathon time to bring me back to my PRs from 2 years ago.  This training has helped me stay injury-free in the process.  I have faith that continuing training with these ladies over the next 12 weeks will get me even closer to my goal.

I would recommend this training program to anyone that is looking for a solid program that will help them achieve their goals, no matter how lofty, and to remain injury free during their training.  You’ll definitely find Mary and Rochelle to be amazing, no-nonsense coaches that are lots of fun! -Becky