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Q: How long do the lifting programs take? What gym equipment do I need?
A: Lifting programs should take 30-40 minutes (sometimes a little longer if it's your first time trying a new program). Programs require kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, & a physio ball; while no gym is technically necessary, some lifting exercises may require weights that are heavier than you might have at home. 


Q: What is the intake process if I want to start lifting with LRP?
A: Once you purchase a specific coaching level, you will be sent a waiver and questionnaire, as well as a link to instructional video of the movements we'll need to assess as part of your virtual screen. You'll record yourself doing the movements...then upload them back to us. In this timeframe, we'll also want to get a firm handle on your goals, and where you want to go with your strength training.  Once you've submitted the videos of your virtual screen, we'll turn your lifting program around by the following week.


Q: Can I sign up for running coaching AND lifting coaching?
A: Yes! We offer LRP lifting programs to all running clients for $10 per 4-week program.


Q: My schedule is crazy. How do I fit lifting in with my running?  
A: Fitting in lifting in any training program requires commitment...but it will be worth it, we promise!! We'll provide suggestions and guidance as to when you should/shouldn't lift, as well as tips and tricks for how to be most effective with your training.


Q: What if I have NO IDEA what exercises you're prescribing me?
A: When you purchase a program from LRP, you'll have access to our instructional videos, which include modifications and form tips to help you along the way. Also - if you've signed up for 1:1 coaching, we are happy to exchange video clips and coaching cues via email so you can better-understand the movements and their purposes.