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Custom Subscription Coaching


The Custom Subscription is the best option for someone who is looking to loosely work a coach without the full communication support that 1:1 coaching provides. 

This coaching level includes:

  • Onboarding and programming
    • Access to a private running calendar via VDOT02, delivered in 2-4 week blocks
    • Modifications provided 2x/month (including cross training), if needed
  • Communication
    • Bi-weekly VDOT/email feedback (generated by coach)
    • Custom pre-race plan, sent via VDOT/email
  • Strength Training
    • LRP monthly lift plan offered for an additional $16.50/m via the TrainHeroic app
  • Nutrition
    • Support and education for in-run fueling provided
    • Access to LRP dietitian services 

Price is $119/month - 3 month minimum commitment required. After the term has been fulfilled, you can make the decision to recommit for another 3 months OR go month-to-month @ a 20% up-charge. LRP reserves the right to increase pricing after 1 year of service.