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Sports Psych Webinar Series


If you cannot join us live for these events, please still consider joining and watching the playback!
Session 1 (8/12 @ 7:30pm EST): The Foundation: Establishing High Performance Psychology Principles
Session 2 (9/4 @ 7pm EST): Developing Specific Sports Psychology Skills
Session 3 (10/2 @ 7pm EST): Executing When it Counts
This sports psychology webinar series with Dr. Justin Ross is for anyone looking to better understand the role of their mind in performance. As runners, we find ourselves committed to training our sport, our strength, our recovery, and our nutrition. But we often leave that 6-inch space between our ears untrained and up to chance. Executing to the fullest of our abilities requires alignment between mind and body. This includes establishing trainable, sports psychology principles, understanding how to direct focus and attention, and importantly, how to manage anxiety as it relates to difficult training sessions and preparing for race day.
Dr. Justin Ross has worked with athletes from many sports and all ability levels; from little league baseball teams to Olympians, and everyone in between. He has developed programming for a number of organizations, been featured on a number of podcasts (Strength Running, BibRave, Another Mother Runner), and written articles for Runner's World, Training Peaks, and Bicycling Magazine, among others (#humblebrag). He is a 10 time marathoner, 5 time Boston Marathon qualifier, and 2 time Ironman 70.3 finisher.