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3 Month Plan


The 3 Month Plan is a step up from our 6 week option - it is for someone who knows they want to build strength over a longer period of time, and are willing to dedicate two 6-week lifting cycles to improve their performance.

The entire 3 months will be paid upfront.

We can work with you to provide coaching and programming appropriate for both pre-season (base building & power), in-season (event-specific) training, and post season (recovery/mobility). Your plan will be customized according to goals and your virtual evaluation.

The athlete purchasing this plan has a proficient understanding of lifting, form, and is looking for something to supplement their training to increase performance.

You will receive one mid-program check-in from a coach.

This level includes:

Initial intake meeting to discuss goals and injury history
Video analysis 
2 x 6-week programs (2 days of lifting per week)
Links to exercise instructions in our Members Only portal
2 x 3-week check-ins via email from an LPR coach to answer questions on programming and form