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6 Month Coaching


Price is $135/month - you will be billed on a recurring cycle until 6 months have been fulfilled. 

The 6 Month Coaching option is the program for someone looking to dedicate the time and energy needed to increase strength over a 24-week period in conjunction with a coach's support.

We can work with you to provide programming appropriate for both pre-season (base building & power), in-season (event-specific) training, and post season (recovery/mobility). Everything will be customized according to goals and what we see in your virtual evaluation.

The athlete purchasing this plan is looking to have long-term coaching support. You'll receive weekly check-ins from your coach to discuss anything ranging from form check (video technology works wonders) to general program feedback. The option of Skype or Facetime communication is also available.

This level includes:

Initial intake meeting to discuss goals and injury history
Video analysis 
4 x 6-week programs (2 days of lifting per week, 30-40 minute sessions)
Links to exercise instructions in our Members Only portal
Weekly check-in from an LPR coach to answer questions